Calaxy Year In Review: 2022 Edition

Calaxy Year In Review: 2022 Edition


What. A. Year.

Calaxy’s 2022 was so big you can see it from space. (We asked Mryo, he confirmed.) Our year was jam packed with major announcements, key developments, massive events, a few changes and a whole-helluva-lot of quietly building a next-generation product that we’re incredibly proud of. We’ll get to what’s next for Calaxy (spoiler: a lot), but first we wanted to take a second to reflect on how awesome 2022 turned out to be, starting in January when…

Calaxy Drops New Money with Solo & Spencer Season 1

Creators Create and Calaxy did just that when Co-Founders Solo Ceesay and Spencer Dinwiddie teamed up with CoinDesk to give Creators an engaging platform to discuss the details of their crafts, professions, hustles, hurdles and aspirations. Season 1 guests include The Victor Twins, back-to-back NFL tackles leader Foye Oluokun, R&B Legend Mario and many, many more.

The Creator’s Galaxy Releases Decentralized Governance Software

While Calaxy aims to revolutionize the Creator Economy, we *also* consider ourselves industry leaders from a technical perspective. Back in March, The Creator's Galaxy made its decentralized governance software open source. We believe this — combined with the previously open sourced Hedera Token Service (HTS) distribution tool — will serve as a fundamental building block for DAOs in the Hedera ecosystem. Here's the git repo for the software.

The Creator’s Galaxy Announces Token Genesis Event

An absolutely monumental milestone in the evolution of The Creator’s Galaxy Protocol and in the history of TCG came when the only 1 billion $CLXY tokens that will ever exist were minted in Hedera transaction 0.0.849428@1650300471–92006891.

$CLXY Gets Listed on bitrue

For the first time in human history, $CLXY tokens — the native token powering The Creator’s Galaxy Protocol — became available to buy and sell on a centralized exchange.

$CLXY Available on Ethereum & Polygon via Hashport Bridge

Interoperability is a key tenet of adoption and decentralization. And so it was important for Calaxy and The Creator’s Galaxy Protocol to ensure that $CLXY (as well as Calaxy Collectibles) would be available to as wide an audience as possible. Enter: Hashport.

The Hashport bridge allows these assets to be ported over to Ethereum and Polygon, offering access to a new population of potential hodlers and giving early adopters even more flexibility in what they do with these assets.

First Calaxy NFT Collectibles Drop Sells Out In Minutes

The first NFT Collectibles drop in Calaxy history (Myro: An Origin Story) was an incredible success as all available NFTs sold out in minutes. Is that good? Did we break it? Yes, in fact, we did. All of the available Collectibles sold out in less than 10 minutes and that’s even more impressive when you realize that the number of simultaneous requests at launch temporarily broke Circle Pay. Whoops. 🤷

Here's the drop announcement + trailer from Myro Creator and Calaxy Chief Design Officer, Chadd Weston:

Calaxy Raises $26M in Strategic Funding

Bag: secured. 💰 In early June, Calaxy announced a round of strategic funding totalling $26 million. Huge shoutout to The HBAR Foundation, Animoca Brands and Polygon Studios for betting on Calaxy’s vision to revolutionize the Creator Economy. Here's a quote from Shayne Higdon, Co-founder and CEO of the HBAR Foundation on the raise:

Co-Founder Solo Ceesay Receives CEO Appointment

Integral in the development of Calaxy and its recent strategic raise, Co-Founder Solo Ceesay was appointed CEO at just 27 years old. A Black, first generation American with a Wharton education and traditional finance experience, Solo is a perfect fit to lead Calaxy into the future.

Calaxy Crushes Consensus by CoinDesk

It was 106°, but Calaxy was still the hottest thing in Austin, Texas. Industry leaders flocked to ATX for CoinDesk’s annual crypto conference and Calaxy was ev-er-y-where. Newly appointed CEO Solo Ceesay and Executive Chair Spencer Dinwiddie spoke on a panel with former NBA All-Star Baron Davis. They also hosted a LIVE! episode of New Money featuring One of None CEO and former NFL quarterback Deshone Kizer. The weekend culminated with Calaxy’s Preview Party Powered by Hedera.

Calaxy May or May Not Have Violated Fire Code at NFT.NYC Banger

If you thought central Texas in mid summer was hot then Calaxy’s Preview Party Powered by Hedera at NFT.NYC probably melted your face off. High-fidelity in-app footage looped on a massive LED screen as guests partied. Live performances by Calaxy Creators, an entire section dedicated to Calaxy Collectibles (shoutout Infinite Objects), and an epic toast from Spencer and Solo made 230 Fifth the hottest club in New York. Like, literally…we might have been warned about violating fire codes. Sorry for partying. 🤷

Calaxy NFT.NYC Preview Party | June 20, 2022

The Creator’s Galaxy x Stader Labs Announce Marketing Partnership

Big things coming. In Q3 2022, Calaxy announced that The Creator’s Galaxy had entered a marketing partnership with Stader Labs, a leader in the staking space and the first option for liquid staking in the Hedera ecosystem. To start, a $CLXY/$HBARx trading pair was available on SaucerSwap, a decentralized exchange built on the Hedera network. A little birdie told us you *might* want to keep your head on a swivel for forthcoming announcements regarding further developments in this partnership.

Variety Names Solo Ceesay as One of Hollywood’s New Leaders

Tinseltown goes tech as Variety — a pillar in the entertainment industry — named Solo Ceesay to its list of Hollywood’s New Leaders for 2022. The youngest individual named to the list, Solo’s inclusion validates what Calaxy has been saying all along: the industry is ripe for a shakeup and there’s no one better to usher in a new version of the Creator Economy.

So... Wen Calaxy App?

We know it’s been a minute, so we just wanted to take a breath and thank y’all for your continued interest in Calaxy. The support we’ve received from the community has been incredible and it’s certainly helped throughout the process of packing all this polish into the Calaxy app.

We imminently expect to be able to share some hard dates with y’all regarding our public launch and other major milestones for Calaxy. We’ve just got some i’s to dot and t’s to cross before hitting the big red button and sending this thing into the stratosphere.

In the meantime we’re asking investors to watch out for forthcoming emails regarding the initial Calaxy Token sale. We’re asking Creators (as always) to drop us a line ‘cause we’re always looking to add talent to the Calaxy roster. We’re asking everyone else to hang tight on the edge of their seats as we’ve got some huge, concrete updates that’ll hit our social feeds shortly.

It’s not a matter of if Calaxy is coming…it’s, “Wen?” And the “wen” is real soon.

From everyone at the Calaxy Team, thank you for helping to make 2022 so remarkable. Can’t wait for 2023 to blow it out of the water.

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